A quick photo stroll through Melbourne

Getting away from the CBD (Central Business District) in any city is usually when I start to really appreciate the aesthetics of a place.

Even in a city like Melbourne, if you take the time to look around and notice details — look up through the trees once in a while, peek through gates and walk down side streets — you’ll be rewarded with what many tourists end up missing. It’s the peaceful moments in a churchyard, the simple beauty of a painted doorway, the old Victorian moulding of a roof, the graffiti art down an alley, the sound of music coming from an open upstairs window, the smell of roasting coffee beans from a cafe, the contrast of clouds against the brightly painted brick of an apartment and so many other small details that help me appreciate where I am. It’s the small details — the sights, smells and sounds — that I try to hold on to in my mind and draw on later when remembering a place.

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